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Vietnam – Rice

Vietnam’s rice consumption per capita is almost 40 times higher than EU consumption, making it a staple in the Vietnamese diet. This holds true not only for Vietnam but for half of the world’s population. But the farmers who grow this “white gold” are facing unpredictable weather calamities that make it difficult to meet the growing demand. In Vietnam, Better Life Farming partners with local companies to provide holistic solutions for farmers on how to use the latest agricultural technology to complement their present range of tools to increase their scope of activities combating climate change.

Field officers are available as advisors to the farmers in Dong Thap, Vietnam
Field officers are available as advisors to the farmers in Dong Thap, Vietnam

Smallholder Farming in Vietnam

We hear the term ‘Climate Change’ often, but few of us have experienced the true impact of what this means first-hand in the way that the farmers who grow are food are experiencing. Today, rice farmers in countries like Vietnam are confronted with a situation they are completely unprepared for – Climate changes have left them unable to meet local demand for rice. But despite mounting challenges, smallholder farmers like Dang Van Binh are determined to grow their businesses.

Climate impacts differ by region in Vietnam – Farmers in the southern Mekong Delta (a major rice production area with around 4.2 million hectares under rice cultivation and 2-3 rice seasons a year) are struggling with salinization.

“We have limited knowledge to control diseases and pests, which is even more difficult to manage due to climate change. Thanks to the program, we get good agriculture practice knowledge from training and the Field Officer gave us the advisory on field, which resulted in better quality of rice,” says Dang Van Binh, smallholder rice farmer in Dong Thap, Vietnam

Quick Facts & Latest Results:

  • Launched in June 2018
  • 1260 rice farmers
  • 1718 hectares of farmland
  • 26% net income increase in Long An (located in the Mekong Delta)
  • Local partners for targeted solutions: Vinafood and Trung An
  • Focus: Trainings on topics such as “Farming as a business” and “Crop protection and safe use”

Project Updates