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Vietnam – Coffee

If you had to guess where your morning coffee comes from, you’d probably say Brazil or Ethiopia but did you know there is every chance that the beans were grown on a small farm in Vietnam? This coastal country in southeast Asia is the second biggest exporter of coffee in terms of value, globally. More than 80% of Vietnam’s coffee growers are smallholders for whom coffee beans aren’t just a delight but also their main source of livelihood. Better Life Farming focuses on strengthening smallholder’s farms as businesses, by providing training and initiatives around improving financial literacy and access to finance.

Coffee cherries in Vietnam
Coffee cherries in Vietnam

Smallholder Farming in Vietnam

Vietnam inspires millions of tourists from around the world every year with its natural beauty and rich culture, but also with its authentic Vietnamese coffee, popularly served with ice and condensed milk. Their reputation as a coffee-producing country has been long-associated with a majority Robusta crop but that’s changing. With a move towards production of Arabica in Vietnam, dedicated and passionate smallholders are focused on building their coffee farms into business that support their families and communities.

These smallholders are however susceptible to adverse climate impacts and often have difficulty with accessing farming inputs as well as finance. Better Life Farming works with smallholders such as Tran Van Manh and his wife, Thi Que Tran, to strengthen their family farm and improve their livelihoods.

“After joining the project, by technical training and advice, the orchard is more beautiful, so the application, care and the result is better coffee garden, so that the family economy is better,” says Tran Van Manh, smallholder coffee farmer in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.

Quick Facts & Latest Results:

  • Launched in April 2018
  • 190 coffee farmers
  • ~ 30% incremental yield
  • Local partners for targeted solutions: ECOM, YARA, Baconco, Khang Thinh Irrigation Technology JSC (KT) and ACOM
  • Focus: Knowledge and technology access via training, field advisory on good agriculture practices, and access to premium coffee market with transparent price

Project Updates