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Thailand – Rice

‘Khao suay’ – ‘Beautiful rice’ is what the Thai call their steamed jasmine rice. Well-known for its fragrance and taste, Thai jasmine rice is one of the main export products of the central and north eastern regions of Thailand. Key factors affecting farmers growing this high-quality crop include local soil and weather conditions such as rainfall in the region. In Sisaket, Better Life Farming is working with rice smallholders to implement effective and efficient farming approaches on their journey towards improved crop quality and yield.

Farmer working in his field in Thailand
Farmer working in his field in Thailand

Smallholder Farming in Thailand

Smallholder farms in Thailand are mainly located in Northeast where the world-acclaimed Jasmine rice is grown. For local rice farmers, crop disease is a key challenge to their yields. This is driven by a lack of knowledge and application technology. As the majority of Thai farms are family operated and traditional farming practices are passed on from one generation to the next, there is often a need for modern know-how and access to advanced technology.

“My current goals are to improve the livelihoods of farmers and to ensure sustainable value creation in the segment. In Thailand, with the local team, we are continuously working to identify the needs of smallholder farmers in the rice industry”, says Connie Kang, Global Smallholder Farming Manager for Bayer SouthEastAsia.

Quick Facts & Latest Results:

  • Launched in May 2017
  • 138 rice farmers
  • 17% incremental yield (Sisaket)
  • 18% net income increase (Sisaket)
  • Local partners for targeted solutions: Rung-anun and SATI
  • Focus: Demonstration plots, new application technology and training in disease control

Project Updates