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The Philippines – Rice

Rice farmers in regions like Bohol in the Philippines are facing the pressures of increased global demand, coupled with adverse environmental influences. A staple for more than half of the world's population, 90% of rice is grown by smallholders in Asia. With excessive rain in one year and drought in the next, smallholders suffer immense yield losses. Together with local partners, Better Life Farming aims to provide holistic and targeted solutions addressing these pain points. We connect them with advanced agronomic technology practices and know-how to improve quality and yield; provide access to finance insurance and risk transfer to increase their resilience to crop losses; and unlock access to local and global markets.

Philippine farmer presenting mature rice
Philippine farmer presenting mature rice

Smallholder Farming in The Philippines

For smallholder farmers, rice is not just food; it is also their main source of livelihood. To secure this livelihood not just for their families but also for future generations, these smallholders need stable finance, a higher net income, access to new farming technology, and risk mitigation measures such as crop insurance.

Bohol, a central province in the Philippines and popular tourist destination, is one of our key project regions. Here, Better Life Farming joins smallholder rice farmers like Henry Cambangay on their journey to grow their farms into commercially viable and sustainable farming business. Our advisors work with rice farmers like Henry to respond to the challenges presented by changing climate patterns in the Philippines.

“One challenge that I had in my field is the damage brought about by pests and the changing weather brought about by climate change. I thank the Better Life Farming alliance that has helped me very much with their program”, says Henry Cambangay, smallholder rice farmer, Bohol, The Philippines.

Quick Facts & Latest Results:

  • Launched in 2018
  • 1533 rice farmers
  • 57% incremental yield (Bohol)
  • 170% net income increase (Bohol)
  • Local partners for targeted solutions: D’Farmers Agrivet, Yara, Cropital/PCIC, Bohol Rice Processing Complex and EBR Rice Mill (Leyte)
  • Focus: Crop insurance, field advice and stable markets

Project Updates