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Indonesia – Rice

There are around 16.8 million farmers in Indonesia and 90% of these are smallholder farmers whose livelihoods are vulnerable to the changing weather conditions. Rice smallholders face cultivation constraints such as getting fertilizer, crop protection products or high-quality seeds for their fields. At the same time, they need to improve productivity to feed the population in the long-term. In Indonesia, Better Life Farming works with local partners to provide farmers with access to the knowledge and technology needed to increase their yields. In addition, Better Life Farming connects smallholders to local markets and provides them access to finance and risk management to strengthen their businesses.

Rice plants in Indonesia
Rice plants in Indonesia

Smallholder Farming in Indonesia

At 139kg per person per year, Indonesia has one of the largest rice consumptions per capita in the world. In order to meet this demand, yields would have to rise until 2035, even by 38% according to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).

Yet Indonesian smallholders cultivating the rice aren’t employing modern agricultural production techniques. For the majority of smallholder farmers it is difficult to grow the quality and quantity to feed both, their families and the world.

“We want to support smallholders because we truly believe that empowering them to unlock their farming potential is crucial to achieve food security”, says Lino Dias, Global Head Smallholder Farming at Bayer.

Quick Facts & Latest Results:

  • Launched in 2018
  • 6920 rice farmers
  • 27.1% incremental yield (Banten)
  • 73% net income increase (Banten)
  • Local partners for targeted solutions: PRISMA, BNI Bank, TPS and Medco

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