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While smallholders grow most of the food consumed in developing countries, they often face challenges in reaching their full potential productivity. A little support here can have a big impact for this vital group of farmers. Our projects aim to increase the productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers by providing training, access to resources and markets and partnering with public, private and local organizations. Increased production and productivity lead to higher income, more meals per day, new homes, and better education and health for families. 

What We Aim For

We work to empower smallholder farmers to become self-sufficient. Together with public, private and local partners we provide solutions that meet the needs across the entire value chain to help increase productivity and make farming a reliable and attractive business that leads to a stable income and in turn to a better life. They have the free choice to join our programs and they can leave them at any time.

Comparison in Farm Sizes (in hectares)

Farm sizes vary around the globe. While the average farm in Canada is 332 hectares in size, it is only 0.5 hectares in Vietnam. In India, the average farm is slightly bigger, at 1.2 hectares.
(Sources: USDA, Eurostat, OECD, FAO)