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India – Green Chili

A rising export demand for green chili is making it an attractive crop for smallholder farmers in India. However, in Uttar Pradesh, many green chili farmers are experiencing a large yield gap. Better Life Farming is working to close this gap by introducing the latest agricultural developments in nursery management and integrated pest management and new farming innovations such as precision irrigation solutions. Through this sharing of expertise, Better Life Farming is enabling chili growers to increase their yields and crop quality.

Experts provide advice on efficient farming methods for farmers like Pappu
Experts provide advice on efficient farming methods for farmers like Pappu

Smallholder Farming in India

No Indian meal is complete without chilies, so it comes as no surprise that India is both the biggest consumer and also the largest producer and exporter of the spice. In Uttar Pradesh, green chili is mostly cultivated on smallholder farms but yields have been low because farmers have found it hard to access the latest farming inputs and technologies. This has resulted in small harvests, low quality chili crops and, consequently, a low income for farmers and their families. Local smallholders are eager to improve their crop and Better Life Farming is supporting local farmers such as Pappu (Rajesh Kumar) Singh to do so in our local project.

“Our plants often suffer from fungal and viral diseases and only produce a small harvest or none at all”, says local farmer Pappu (Rajesh Kumar) Singh. Through Better Life Farming, Pappu has learned about the latest technology in crop protection and seeds, as well as nutrient management and drip irrigation, “Now I know how to protect and treat my plants properly. I document each step during the growing process and observe the plants’ health. I can really see a difference.”

Quick Facts & Latest Results:

  • Launched in June 2016
  • 1600 chili farmers
  • 103% increase in yield
  • Tripled net income
  • Local partners for targeted solutions: Yara, DeHaat and Big Basket
  • Focus: commercially viable and sustainable farming businesses, higher crop quality, price transparency and drip irrigation

Project Updates